Essential Fashion Accessories for Travel

We all know that packing for holiday is more complicated for women than men. There is just so much to take but so little space to pack it into. Well, this article is going to reduce all those choices and options down to ten must have travel accessories. If you had to take just ten things with you on your travels, then these are the things that should be squeezed in to your suitcase or travel bag.

There are hundreds of travel products out there, and they claim to make traveling easier and do more than one job, however many of them simply don’t live up to their claims. Here are the ones that do:

1 – The carry on bag – the carry on bag is the first major accessory that you need to spend time on. You need to have something that complements your style and something that will make traveling fun and easy. As a woman, you don’t want to be pulling a big, heavy bag around. Instead, get something that you roll and move easily. However, make sure it is durable and can fit in the overhead compartment. With a carry on bag, you can find something to match your taste, so you can turn heads as you walk through the airport.

2 – shoe bag – we all have dozens of shoes and we need to take at least a few pairs on vacation with us, right? However, we don’t want the shoes to brush up against the clean clothes. So, find a shoe bag with a divider inside it. This will prevent your shoes from rubbing against each other (which will ruin them). Here’s an extra tip: many shoes come with shoe bags, and these tend to be very good and durable – and they’re free!

3 – curling iron cover – this great little cover will let you place your hot curling irons in to your bag without the danger of burning any clothes. This is because it comes with a fabric insert which takes care of the heat. This is a must have.

4 – refreshing towels – during that long flight, you are going to feel a bit unclean and could do with freshening up. As such, you need to have a pack of refreshing towels in your bag. You can find these in most cosmetic stores on the high street, and they work wonders. You will immediately feel much cleaner and fresher once you have rubbed yourself down.

5 – travel shirt – if you are going somewhere very hot then you need to have UV protection. Buy yourself a shirt with UV protection, long sleeves and air conditioning vents. It should also have convertible sleeve button tabs, breast pockets and be wrinkle resistant. You can find stylish shirts, so you can look good and stay safe. Needles to say, these shirts are very light.

6 – SPF 60 makeup – as we know, sun can be very damaging to the skin. As such, you need to have a moisturizing, UVA-blocking sunscreen. Find one that also functions as make-up while keeping away the suns rays from making your skin look old.

7 – crushable travel hat – when traveling, you need to protect your head from the suns rays. However, hats can be very bulky and can be damaged in your suitcase. As such, try a crushable travel hat. There are many on the market that are made for women only, so they look good as well as being functional.

8 – travel shoulder bag – you need a bag with you when you leave your hotel room to explore and walk around the area. One of the best investments you can make is a travel shoulder bag. Find one with an inner lining and strong zips with outer pockets. This will keep your important items safe and secure. You also need to find a bag that has a well supported shoulder strap. If you find the right one, you will never need to buy another again.

9 – travel cosmetic case set – find a compact, cosmetic case set to carry your make-up and other accessories. Find one with multiple compartments, and one that has a handy mirror slot. Those with internal linings are the best to choose, as are those with very strong zippers. You can find stylish cosmetic cases that offer you all the space you need in a very compact environment, so shop about. If you find one with a detachable handle also, that is a bonus.

10 – compact tripod stand – if you want to capture your memories on your vacation, then invest in a compact tripod stand for your camera. Find one that can be quickly connected to your camera, and one that is easy to use (with a magnetic pivot function), so you can adjust it with ease.

In summary, use the list of travel accessories above to build your own complete list of what you need to take on your next adventure or vacation. The items listed above will serve you well and they will all be used many times. When you have limited space, you need to choose the most important travel accessories. Don’t take things that will not be used as you will simply be carrying around dead weight. You can pack stylishly and practically, and have the time of your life.

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