Consulting and Commercial Advisory Service

Our company has 25 years experience in the fashion industry. If you are opening a fashion retail store we can assist with the following:

1) Merchandising
2) Purchasing
3) Visual Merchandising
4) Store Layout & Fit-out
5) Customer Service Training

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Style File Consultancy

Want to open a store but have no clue where to start?  We do.

  • Shop fits on a budget
  • Sourcing products
  • Training
  • Exceeding clients expectations should be a focus for all retailers as this is what sets you apart from everyone else.


  • I have many years in this industry means I can help others which is satisfying.
  • I am asked a lot by Fashion College Lecturers “What do students need?” My answer is to learn to sew, as without knowing construction you don’t have enough knowledge of how things work.
  • Too many new wave designers have no formal training or fabric knowledge and no pattern making skills at all. It does not take long for holes to appear in production as you need to know your industry.
  • And why it works! And why it doesn’t! Without training the above cannot be solved.
  • Style File can advise you, give you the knowledge and direct you to the correct and necessary education fit for your needs.
  • 25 years industry experience with many failures and many wins.

About Carla Dorge

  • Fashion College and Formal Studies through East Sydney.
  • I have formally studied textiles, all facets of construction, patternmaking, tailoring and commercial industrial production. On leaving college I worked in all areas of retail fashion, shows and retail management, which has been crucial and useful for my business.
  • In the 80’s I had a label designing linen cotton silk clothing supplying stores.
  • Then in the 90’s I designed a range of Athletics swimwear and Triathlete wear which was sold nationally.
  • Living in Europe for 7 years encouraged me to restart designing as I felt there was a huge gap in the market for clothes that fit real women. As the secret to looking good is construction clothes that flatter people.
  • My focus is bringing excitement to women by flattering their bodies. Hiding the parts we may not be as pleased about and make them feel alive, sexy and stylish. Knowing why styles work on bodies and others don’t is down to the know knowledge of patternmaking.
  • Why you’re doing it is very important. We at Style File design each style with our client in mind. With special consideration to:
  • Who will wear it
  • Why
  • Age
  • And what figure type will fit that style
  • We pride ourselves on having many styles for each figure type and colour of fabric to suit each season of person buying. All my staff are trained in dressing each client on figure type, not whatever fits.
  • We like to provide an experience to all new clients and return clients. They trust we will have what they need and we take their needs seriously. Their requests are considered and implemented.

Facts Sheet

  • We are creatures of habit? Correct
  • Beautiful clothes must be hand washed? Not anymore. Fabric has evolved and technology now allows us to machine was even silks.
  • Mode Voyage is a stretch fabric based company. All our fabrics are machine washable in a wash bag. No dryer.
  • Wool washes are for wool? Correct
  • Jersy fabric has evolved so much over the years that now all better quality stretch fabrics have no nylon. It can be cool and beautiful to wear, just like natural fabrics without the care. Plus no ironing.

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